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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

2022 is just beginning, Covid-19 is still present in our daily activities and one of its main lessons is that business and personal life can change suddenly. The challenge is great! Given this, it is best to be informed and prepared. As for digital marketing, being one of the most changing industries, it is always pertinent to know the trends that will become important in the short term. Although all rankings have a bias, depending on who makes them, the following list can be useful for many marketing, sales and communication professionals.

Influencer marketing

It came to stay. Its success lies in creating a closer link between advertisers and target. For many people, the recommendations of the influencers are credible because they have prestige, thanks to which they have obtained their followers. And we must not forget the usefulness of micro influencers for local or niche businesses.

Marketing focused on people (Human Centric Marketing)

If companies don't connect with their audience, they won't be successful. Empathy and user experience (UX) play an increasingly relevant role and must be present in all digital properties. It is necessary to understand that for the same brand there may be different buyer personas. That is why it is no longer possible to see consumers as a mass, but as individual people. One of the applications of this trend is to adapt and humanize the content to each social network.

Prioritize mobile devices even more

The use of smartphones and tablets to browse the internet continues to increase. Searching for information and shopping online are more common through cell phones than on computers. Mastering concepts such as geolocation, device types and internet browsing habits are essential.

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